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Services overview

  • Infrared Signature Measurement

    Davis can plan and execute thorough test plans to determine the IR signature of your aircraft or naval vessel. Davis uses sophisticated IR cameras to image and analyze your craft's IR signature either with or without an IRSS.

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  • Infrared Susceptibility Analysis

    Using ShipIR/NTCS, Davis personnel can simulate the signature of your naval vessel or aircraft from all angles. In the case of ships, the simulations employ detailed horizon, seascape and atmospheric models to more accurately calculate the effects of the marine environment on your IR signature and determine your susceptibilty to IR threats.

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  • Scale model Engine exhaust and engine intake testing

    Using the hot gas wind tunnel (HGWT) facilities installed at Davis, our engineers can perform detailed aerodynamic and aerothermal analysis of stock tailpipes, IRSS devices or naval gas turbine intake and uptake geometries.

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  • Exhaust Plume Trajectory Simulations

    Davis employs advanced CFD analysis to simulate the gas turbine engine exhaust in marine environments. Analysis is applied to determine the effects of hot exhaust gases on sensitive electronics or human occupied areas and the benefits of applying exhaust gas cooling.

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  • Exhaust Gas Hazard Calculator

    Use the DAVIS Exhaust Gas Hazard Calculator to evaluate the risk to your personnel and equipment from gas turbine exhaust.

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