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  • Marine Uptakes and Intakes

    Davis can design and manufacture the complete intake and exhaust system of your marine gas turbine and diesel engines/generators.

    Find out how Davis can design, test and manufacture the intakes and uptakes for your naval platform.

    Marine Gas Turbine Intakes/Uptakes

  • Davis designs and supplies complete intake/exhaust systems for naval ships. The performance of gas turbine and diesel engines is dependent on the pressure losses which occur within both the intake and exhaust duct runs. It is therefore advantageous for a single company to be responsible for the entire intake/exhaust system in order to guarantee engine performance.

    Davis has designed and supplied complete intake and/or exhaust systems for the following ship programs:

    • • Indian Navy P17
    • • Polish Corvette; and
    • • Republic of Korea PKX.
  • We have a working relationship with Parker Hannifin – Altair products, which is a leading international manufacturer of advanced air filtration and silencing systems for gas turbine intake systems.

  • Davis has experience with both vertical and horizontal exhaust systems. A typical scope of supply for a gas turbine intake/exhaust system includes the following deliverables.

    • • Intake ducting
    • • Gas turbine combustion intake separator
    • • Gas turbine combustion blow-in door
    • • Anti-ice rake
    • • Intake silencer
    • • Engine enclosure cooling ejector (if necessary)
    • • Exhaust ducting
    • • Drains and seals
    • • Isolation valves
    • • Sea water injection (SWI) IRSS / plume cooling system
    • • Hull penetration hardware
    • • SWI controller (OSM)
  • Exhaust Uptake under Test

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