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  • IR MeasurementsProfessional IR Measurement of Your Platform

    Davis’ IR specialists are equipped to measure and evaluate all aspects of your platform’s IR signature: ship, aircraft, or land vehicle.  We can provide an evaluation of your platform’s signature under any operating condition.

    Find out how Davis can provide you complete measurement services, from measurement trial planning and instrumentation to execution, data reduction, and analysis. 

Detailed IR Measurement Trials


Davis maintains a close relationship with the ShipIR signature prediction code user community.  As a result we have participated at a contemporary level in several international sea trials around the world.  We have also participated in qualification sea trials of naval vessels on which our IRSS hardware is installed. Our detailed understanding of IR phenomenology in the marine environment makes us uniquely qualified to plan and lead an IR signature sea trial.


Davis has conducted numerous IR signature measurements of aircraft as an integral part of our process to design and test IR suppressors. The most significant heat source on an aircraft is the gas turbine engine exhaust and this signature is a function of the environmental and flight conditions (e.g. aircraft weight, speed, ground effect, etc.). As a result, it is important to have a well thought out test plan and appropriate onboard instrumentation to properly characterize the condition of the aircraft during the signature measurement. Using the results to validate a ShipIR model of the aircraft then allows us to evaluate aircraft signature under various environmental and flight conditions.


The IR signature of land vehicles is more important than ever.  Man portable IR imaging equipment or remotely controlled cameras aboard UAV’s are becoming ever more prevalent on the battlefield.  Knowing your platform’s IR signature is crucial to protecting your soldiers and assets.  Davis can provide the services required to correctly assess your land vehicle’s IR signature through thermal imagery and other data collection methods.

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