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  • OSM: Onboard Signature Manager

    OSM provides real-time control of the Active Hull Cooling (AHC) and Sea Water Injection (SWI) systems. Sensor feedback and integration with the engine machinery control system allow OSM to set state as a function of current environmental and operational conditions.


    Onboard Signature Manager

  • OSM is an onboard touch screen computer module for controlling Level IV active IR suppression systems.
  • The system utilizes a network of onboard sensors to evaluate environmental conditions (air temperature, humidity, wind speed, solar and background thermal irradiation), engine conditions, surface temperatures of various ship deck and hull locations, and ship heading and speed data.
  • OSM uses this information to control the IR signature of the vessel. Through an interface to the AHC system and the SWI system, OSM can actively control both the ship skin temperature and the IR signature of the exhaust plume.
  • Under development is a version of ShipIR that predicts the IR signature of the vessel in real time. This signature is used to evaluate the susceptibility of the vessel to IR threats so that appropriate steps may be taken by the combat control system.
  • OSM Sensor and Control Diagram
  • OSM is configured during the ship design phase using simulation output from ShipIR/NTCS. The desktop ShipIR/NTCS system is used to develop the model of the ship and its IR characteristics. The results from the simulations are used to define the behaviour of OSM for all possible combinations of environmental and operational conditions.

  • OSM Software Interface

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